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Las Vegas, the Allegiant Stadium in numbers

Datas and numbers for the amazing new Las Vegas stadium.

  • 1,9 billions $: total cost of the stadium
  • 65,000: Capacity seating for a Raiders game
  • 72,000: Capacity seating for a concert with the stage at midfield
  • 127: Suites
  • 46: Escalators
  • 2,200: On-site parking spaces (most parking will be off-site, with shuttle buses to the stadium)
  • 412,500: Square footage of the roof. It has 107 panels, each 15 feet by 233 feet
  • 226: Height of the stadium in feet from ground to roof
  • 52,008: Feet of wire to support the roof
  • 800,000: Cubic yards of earth removed during stadium excavation
  • 28,000: Tons of steels used
  • 19 million pounds: Weight of the venue’s retractable field tray, which can provide a layout of either natural grass or turf playing surfaces. The tray is operated by 540 electrically powered wheels, which takes about an hour to move in or out of the stadium. It has a built-in irrigation system
  • 65 minutes: it takes about 65 minutes to fully move the field in or out of the stadium
  • 21,000: Light fixtures throughout the stadium
  • 425: Trees planted outside the facility
  • 1,111: Toilets in the stadium
  • 2,220: Televisions throughout the facility
  • 20: Gallons of paint needed to mark the field for an NFL game
  • 93: The height in feet of the Al Davis Memorial Torch outside
  • 4: Lanai doors on the north concourse, which are 80 feet by 200 feet and take 10 minutes to open

Cover image: (photo: James Marvin Phelps / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED)